Tauba Auerbach and Hiro Kone

Born in San Francisco in 1981, Tauba Auerbach earned a BA in visual art from Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, in 2003. Auerbach engages a range of mediums, among them painting, sculpture, photography, books, and jewelry, to address the nature of color, language, logic, and dimensionality. A former sign painter, Auerbach adapted in her early works elements of typography and calligraphy to form abstract compositions derived from the interior shapes of letters.

Hiro Kone is Nicky Mao, a New York City based musician and producer. Her full-length LP “Pure Expenditure” for Dais Records was premiered at Berlin Atonal 2018, following the release of “The Ghost of Georges Bataille”, a collaborative album with Drew McDowall (Compound Eye, Coil) on BANK Records NYC in Spring of 2018.