shrubs as high as walls or joy of the eyes or river, 2019
Graphite on manilla folder
11 3/4 x 18 3/8 inches
29.8 x 46.7 cm

From the Artist:

I found the folder with ghosts of past documents. I’ve done several drawings on file folders. But this file folder I had for a long time waiting for the right context. Eventually, I’d been wanting to make work about multiple contexts, such as a page from a book along with something outside the frame of the book. Wondering how one might effect the other. (also, one thing of note-- file is an anagram for life). "The drawing of the woman is from a photograph I took of a woman I saw on the street in NYC. She had some things for sale on the street and I liked how she spent much time just looking at her iphone, and I wondered what she might be reading about. The text is drawn from a page of the book, "And There Was Light" by Jacques Luseryan, about a blind man that took part in the French Resistance during WW II. One thing that really struck me about this book was how Jacques experienced the slow and gradual occupation of Nazi Germany. It wasn't just one day everything changed but rather a gradual deterioration of freedom and growing fascism. Very haunting and even familiar in these times."

The text on the left side of the page is also meticulously hand drawn.